Thursday 7 June 2018

Food Hygiene Ratings v1.02 Release Notes

Release notes for Android Food Hygiene Ratings UK v1.02

Establishment Details

When you now view the details of the establishment the app will look up the establishment on Google Places to find its telephone number, website and any photographs. The place details and photos will be displayed in cards. If no place information can be found, a toast will be shown to notify the user that no place details are available.

A dark green floating action button is now displayed on the Establishment details screen, press this to see a map and location of the establishment.

When you now press the send email link on the Local Authority card, the email will be filled out with the establishment details.

Bug fixes:

  • FSA link now works on the ratings card
  • If no address, "Not specified" is shown instead.
  • The map will no longer show for establishments with no address and instead show a notification.
  • Local authority card text is now formatted not to wrap


You can now search a list of results by searching for text contained with in the name or address. The results table will automatically update as you type.

You can also filter results by rating, by checking the appropriate rating in the menu.

Results are now grouped into business categories such as Takeaways/Sandwich Shop, Pub/Bar/Nightclub and Restaurant/Cafe.

Distance from the centre of the map is shown for map search results.

These features bring the app into line with the iOS version.


Map searches are now disabled by default, but you can enable them in the settings menu.
When enabled, a dark green floating action button (FAB) with a map icon will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

Pressing the FAB on the home screen will show you a map of the UK, you can zoom and move the map and press the search icon in the menu bar to search for results.

Pressing the FAB on the results screen will show you a map of the area containing the results, which you can zoom, move and search again.

Maps have been disabled by default since the establishment's geo-coordinate information from the FSA is inaccurate.

Home Screen

The user interface has been updated to improve its look and feel:

  • The background is now white
  • The advanced search button has been moved to the menu.
  • The menu search icon is now an icon to view the user guide 
  • The find places near me button is now material design (borderless) and is centred
  • The text field clear buttons will now only display when there is text
  • The clear buttons are bigger and centred
  • Clear buttons when pressed will set the focus on the textfield and open the keyboard
  • The action colour has been changed from orange to dark green
  • A small notice to say all data is from the FSA and is live is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • The keyboard is automatically hidden when navigating away.


New settings screen accessible from the home screen menu, settings are:
  • Search radius (1-10 miles) for "find places near to me" and map searches
  • Results text filter mode, find text contained in the name only or name and address
  • Search timeout (10 seconds to 5 minutes) for FSA web server requests
  • Enable map searches, when enabled shows a green button to bring up the map on the results and home screens.
  • Google places - enable to lookup and show information from Google places in the establishment details.


The about screen has been updated with links to app's privacy policy and information about how the app uses Google Admob and Firebase.

Future Work

Favourites:  keep a list of establishments of interest and notify you when a rating changes
Google Places: If a place is not found, show the Google Place dialog for you to try to find it.

To keep the updates coming, please rate the app, send me feedback, tell your friends and keep on checking those restaurants with the app.


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