Sunday 31 July 2016

Anagram Solver v1.07

Release Date 3rd August 2016

Anagram Solver has been completely revamped with a new Material Design user interface. The tips are now displayed as separate cards and you can press the show me button to save you typing.

Results now appear much more clearly using a mono-spaced font

Looking up a word's definition is easier, you can press the spyglass icon to the right of the word. You can now install an dictionary app to look up words whilst offline:

Press GET APP to install the free Dictionary app from the Google Play Store. Anagram Solver will try to look for the word's definition using the dictionary app, if the app is not installed it will do a web search. You can still press and hold a word for web-search only.

Sub-anagram searches now go all the way to 1 letter, that is if you don't first hit the 500 results limit.

A new version of Anagram Solver Pro will also soon be available with the new features above.

Hppya Sovlnig