Friday 17 January 2014

Weight Tracker: Transferring Readings

This post will describe how to transfer you weight tracker readings from one device to another.


At the bottom of the post I will outline several alternative methods to transfer your readings, but for the main tutorial you will require:

An internet connection
Two e-mail accounts
File browser app
E-Mail App

I'll be using the ASTRO file browser app in this tutorial, you can pick other file explorer apps from:

The email client app I use is Yahoo!

Step 1: Sharing your Readings

On your old device you will need to perform the following actions

On the home screen press the Edit button

Press your device's menu key and select the Share Readings option. The Share icon may be already visible on your device, if so press it.

Step 2: Email Your Readings

Your readings will be backed up to a file which can then be shared with other apps

Choose one of your email apps to share  the Weight Tracker_20140117.csv readings file.

The readings file has been attached to the email, here I am sending it to another email account.

Step 3: Saving Your Readings On Your New Device

On your new device check for the email that you have just sent yourself.

Touch the attachment and press the Save button, I am using Yahoo! mail here.

The Yahoo email saves the attachment to a Yahoo folder, press yes to view the folder. You will need a file explorer app installed to do this.

Step 4: Importing Your Readings

The Weight Tracker app can read csv files, so you can open such files directly into the app. I'm using the ASTRO file manager app, but other file apps are fine.

Find and open the file, it will be named similar to Weight Tracker20140117.csv.  You will then presented with a list of apps that can read csv files, choose the weight tracker app.

The csv file will be opened within the Import Readings screen, press the Import button. Open the weight tracker app to check your data.

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Alternative Method: SD Card

If both devices have removable SD Cards, transferring data is really simple:
On your old device:

  • Press the Share Readings menu option from the Edit screen
  • A Weight Tracker csv file will be created in the download folder
  • Remove your SD card
On your new device
  • Insert the SD card into the device
  • From the home screen, go to to Edit, press the menu button and then go to Import Readings
  • Press the Get Backup Readings button
  • Press the import button

Alternative Method: Copy and Paste

You can share you readings with many apps, cloud service apps are particularly useful for keeping your devices sync'ed with your weight readings.  For instance you can share your readings to Google Drive or Evernote. Open the file from within these apps and use a text viewer app to view the file.

Copy the text that you see and then paste it into the import screen of the Weight Tracker app. Readings are properly sync'ed with new readings over writing old.

Hope this helps as I know many folk have had new tablets and phones for Christmas. Please leave feedback and please please please Like my facebook page so that you can stay up to date with new information

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