Monday 20 October 2014

Weight Tracker v1.15

A new version of Weight Tracker has been released, key new features include:
  • Italian translation by Simonini Luciano
  • Fixed a nested scroll view bug
  • Improved the data entry screen
Many thanks to Luciano who has patiently worked with me to provide an Italian translation of the App,

Controversially Banner Ads are back! The banner ads are provided by Ad Mob using Google Play Services API, I also have enabled Google Analytics that provides me with anonymous usage data, this lets me see which screens people use most so I can improve the app accordingly. Your data is safe and is not sent to Google or anyone else.

I know a lot of users liked the no permissions, no ads and no in app purchases, so for these users I have created a Pro version of the app for a small sum of around $1.99. Ads and analytics have been completely removed from the Pro version, you can download it from Google Play:

(Note that the Pro version will automatically read your latest back up file when you first start it. So before downloading the pro version, on Weight Tracker, go to Edit and press the share option on the menu. This will create a new backup of your readings.)

A few users left comments complaining scroll no longer worked, looking into this I found that I was nesting scroll views which is bad. This is now fixed, apologies to anyone whose phones had this bug.

New features to come:

Improved report screens with explanations of the stats and BMI chart.
Make transferring readings to other devices easier and show a link to an online help page
Add a new field for body fat and add this to the report and chart.

Please leave a comment on this blog or send me an email with suggestions, bug reports or queries