Sunday 19 May 2013

Weight Recorder Release 1.06

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A new version of Weight Recorder, the app that keeps track of your weight so you can keep an eye on your diet.

New Features

Target Weight, you can now set your weight goal via the settings screen. The chart and report have been updated to include your target weight. The chart shows your target weight as a horizontal line, the trend line now extends one year into the future so that you can see when you will hit your weight goal.

The report screen now shows the predictions when you will hit your target. These predictions are based on trends in your weight readings.

Many thanks to Nedim Abut, Pauline B and Adam Lawrence who requested this feature, your feed back and comments are much appreciated.

Navigation within the app has been improved, Home icon (menu option) is now displayed that takes you back to the main dashboard. You can also access the import / export features from the home screen via the menu.

Next Release

I'm going to look into Facebook integration, I would like the ability to post reports and charts to your Facebook page. 

New Import / Export options so you can write to and read from a file.

Good luck with the diet!
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