Thursday 12 September 2013

CleverDic v1.1400

A new version of CleverDic will be available from Tuesday 17th Sept 2013 from the Google Play Store.

Lots of new features have been added, the most notable is the new Shop allowing In App Purchases to be made. For a small fee you can now:

  • Upgrade the dictionary to over 285,000 words
  • Remove all banner ads from the App 
  • Choose new and exciting background colours

The In App Purchases are securely managed through Google Play. Once a purchase has been made, you can use it again on your other Android devices.

The standard dictionary has itself increased from 88,000 to over 130,000 words! You can now add in the Pro word list taking the total word count to over 285,000 words. The Pro word list is ideal for the trickier broadsheet crosswords as it contains more obscure words, words with alternate spellings and colloquialisms. 

You can now choose new and exciting background colours, the above image is showing Apple Blossom other backgrounds include Sunshine, Deep Pink, Sky Blue, Shades of Grey, Ocean and Simply White.

CleverDic is a free app that makes a little money from showing small ad banners at the bottom of the screen. These ads can now be removed completely with an In App Purchase, thus saving your battery and Data if you're on a mobile network. As an added bonus, everyone is now given a 7 day ad free period when you first install the app.

Finally I've added a share feature that allows you to send your search results to other apps such as Email or Evernote. This is great for sharing funny anagrams with friends.

CleverDic is available from Google Play

Happy Crosswording!
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