Friday 8 December 2023

Privacy Policy

 Privacy policy for Crazy Brag iOS card game app.

The app does not collect any data.

The app does not send any data to MPD Bailey Technology or to a third party

The app contains no advertisements.

The app does not contain any analytics or tracking.

MPD Bailey Technology

December 2023

Saturday 25 March 2023

New Dictionary Feature

Crossword Solver King iOS update with new built-in dictionary feature to look up word definitions:

Now available on the App Store


Thursday 16 March 2023

Crossword Solver King & Dictionary

 Crossword Solver King now has a built-in dictionary with over 100,000 definitions:

Note if the app cannot find a definition for your word or phrase, the app will search for a definition on the web. This feature will be available in v3.32 Android and v1.09 iOS - coming soon!

Get the app from:


App Store: