Tuesday 9 August 2016

Anagram Solver Pro v1.03

Release date: 12th Aug 2016

The user interface has been revamped, the tips are now displayed as cards and you can press show me instead of typing the suggestion:

You can now use + to represent a blank letter, very useful for Scrabble! Thanks to Warwick Tudepole for the feedback.

Thank also to Arvind Persaud for suggesting to use a dictionary app for offline use. Press the magnifying glass icon to the right of a word to look up the word in the free Livio dictionary app. You can still press and hold for web definitions.

Wildcard letters are now highlighted, you can select the color in the settings menu.

A new settings menu allows you to choose the standard or pro word list, the text size of the results and the highlight color.

Take a look a the app on the Play Store

Happy Crosswording