Friday 11 October 2013

Breaking Bad Top Ten Best Moments

Breaking Bad went out with an amazing finale where Walter got back up on his horse to finish business. Here are my top ten best moments of Breaking Bad.

#1 This ain't meth!
Walter confronting the pyscho Tuco in his heavily guarded drugs den, what was he thinking? BOOM! The bag of meth was mercury fulminate. So typical of this well written show where clever thinking and science gets Walt and Jesse out of so much trouble.

#2 You need a 'Criminal' lawyer
The entire episode in season 2 where we first meet Saul.
"Which is which?" Saul asks Badger and the young cop as he barges in the the police interview room. Then Saul gets Badger mixed up with a guy on public masturbation charges.

#3 The Wendy Song
One of the charms of Breaking Bad was the shows quirkiness, particularly in the opening scenes. Also did you notice the nod to Airplane's 'The white zone is for loading and unloading' when Walt is being dropped off at the Airport?

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#4 El Paso by Marty Robbins
Out pops a Marty Robbins cassette as Walt steals a car to head back to the badlands of Albuquerque to see Skyler (Felina). The episode kinda follows plot in El Paso, Walt is even shot in his side.

#5 Walt lets Jane die
The scene where Walt watches Jane choke on her own vomit and does nothing to save her is shocking. Walt becomes eviller with each episode.

#6 The Tortoise
Danny Trejo didn't last long, his head soon found its way on top of a booby trapped tortoise.

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#7 F*** You and Your Eyebrows!
Walt losing it with his hirsute car wash boss in the first episode.

#8 Hank's Heart Palpitations
Hank appears to be having a heart attack in the lift but recovers when the doors open, out he comes with his usual smiling bravado, 'Lets get a beer Gomey!'

#9 Jesse falling into the Portaloo
Jesse was really having a bad day, to cap it off he crashes through the roof of a Portaloo and ends up covered in blue bleach.

#10 Gail's Klingon Song
Check out Youtube for marketing video's about the show such as Gail's camp Klingon song and Badger appearing in a Better Call Saul ad, 'Gonna burn one with my Homies yo!'