Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Android Monthly Report

In this report I give the latest statistics and earnings on my Android apps.

Date: 1st Jan 2013

Market Place Statistics for CleverDic

Total Downloads: 2370
Active installs: 1652
Retention Rate: 69.7%

Comments: 12 (10 five stars, 2 four stars. Average rating 4.8)
Google plus recommends: 16
Errors: 1

Admob Earnings For CleverDic

Last Month:

Revenue: $21.75
Total Requests: 9579
eCPM: $2.27

All Time:

Revenue: $25.70
Total Requests: 10,847
eCPM: $2.37

Total Revenue for all apps: $26.84

Over Christmas CleverDic has been receiving more than 120 daily downloads. December was by far the most successful month which saw release 1.10 of the app and much more effort towards app store search optimization.

Happy New Year
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