Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Weight Recorder Release 1.02

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New Features

An optional trend line is now shown on the chart so that you see how your diet is going over time. The line is drawn using the best line of fit over the selected range of data points.

The report screen now shows your ideal weight range based on the BMI Normal range.  The trend analysis also tells you whether you're gaining or losing weight.

Andreas Weichert (creator of the excellent Time Sheriff app) has suggested using Google's Speech to Text in the data entry screens. You can now speak your weight! To be honest I find it a little tricky to use, to enter 92.4 kg, you need to say nine - two - point - four. I found that when the units are in pounds, I struggled to say for example 202.7 lbs.

The data entry screen now shows the last weight reading entered (also Andreas' idea)  and returns you  to the dashboard when you press the add button.

Coming Soon

James Rendek has requested a feature to be able to import data into the application. This is a great idea and one that I want to be able to get implemented for the next release. Having considered several methods I propose to allow the user to cut and paste their data (in CSV format) into the application. This method avoids using the file system which has several pitfalls.

Good Luck With Your Diet
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