Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Weight Recorder Release 1.01

Just in time for all of those diets, Weight Recorder has been released! The app allows you to enter your daily weight measurements so that you can keep your diet on track. Your data can be viewed as a chart, a list of readings or a statistical / trend analysis report. Importantly your data is easily exported via email so that you can view it in Excel or any other spreadsheet.

The idea for the app came when I purchased a set of bathroom scales and I began entering my weight into a spreadsheet. There must be an app for that? There are several excellent apps already available on Android but there is room for improvement. Looking at the user ratings, several people asked to be able to write comments when entering their measurements. This is quite a good idea as you can make notes about any  dieting activities, eg 'I did an hour extra at the gym today'.

Weight Recorder has a dashboard design that allows you to navigate easily between activities. Other apps I noticed seem to cram to many features and buttons into one or two activities. My philosophy is to keep things simple and I did this by dedicating each activity to a single function, eg the chart activity just shows the chart.

The data is stored in an SQLite database which is part of the Android OS. This means that the data storage is more robust and secure than say simply storing it in a file. As mentioned above, it is important in my opinion to allow the user full access to their data so that they can make back ups and share with other applications. Currently weight recorder will allow the user to send their data via email, in a csv (comma separated values) text format which can be easily read by a spreadsheet and human alike. Also available are the standard CRUD functions that allow you to create, read, update and delete readings from the database.

Like CleverDic releases will come often with new exciting features and updates. Already in the pipeline are trend and BMI plot lines for the chart.

Happy Dieting for 2013
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