Friday, 30 September 2016

CleverDic Pro v1.01

A new release of CleverDic Crossword Solver Pro v1.01 will be available from 1st Oct 2016.
The free ad supported version will be available from 4th Oct 2016.

It has been a long time since the last update but all good things take time and there are plenty of exciting new features.

Material Design User Interface

The user interface has been redesigned using Material Design to give a modern standard Android look and feel. My goal was to make the user interface much clearer, icons are simplified and I've used large mono-spaced fonts in the query field. You can also change the font size for the results, there's even an x-large mono-space option.

The help system has been overhauled so that you can quickly scroll through the tips and interact with the tip to see it in action.

Filter and Sort Results

Often times you will hit 500 results, far too many to wade through. So I've added sort and filter options to help you refine your results.

Press the sort icon (top right) to toggle through 4 different sorts, A to Z, Z to A, by length ascending and finally by length descending.

Press the filter icon (bottom right) to set up your filters

Blank Letters

For Scrabble fans you can use + to represent blank letters

The blank letters are highlighted green

Two Word Anagrams

Previously you would enter manchester united and CleverDic would find all the 10/6 words. Now it will try to find all word size combinations.

Dictionary Definitions

You are now spoilt for choice on how to look up a word's meaning:

  • Google
  • Merriam-Webster
  • Wikipedia
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Livio's English Dictionay Offline App

You can either press the spy-glass icon to look up a word using your preferred method (as set up in the settings screen) or long press a word to bring up a menu

For those who don't have t'internet, you can download the free English Dictionary App that works offline and seems to have most words. There is a link to the app on one of the help cards.


You can access the settings screen by pressing the menu button in the top right, and tweak the app to how you like it.

I told you it was a big update :) Many thanks to all the folk who have send me feedback, kind messages and comments on Google Play... And keep them coming!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Anagram Solver v1.08

Anagram Solver v1.08 for Android will be available from 20th September 2016

Get Anagram Solver

New Search Features

Blank Letters - use + as a blank letter, eg scrabb++ will find scrabble
Supergrams - find larger words containing your letters, enter starwars to find warmheartedness
Colour Highlighting - Blank letters and supergram letters are shown in a different colour
Settings Menu - You can now change the results font size and there is also an option show keyboard
Native Ads - New Native Ads Express from Admob, shown as cards in the help screen
Interstitial Ads - Shown when user presses clear/back 20 times
Banner Ads are now only shown on the results screen

Blank Letters

Settings Menu

Native Ads

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Anagram Solver Pro v1.03

Release date: 12th Aug 2016

The user interface has been revamped, the tips are now displayed as cards and you can press show me instead of typing the suggestion:

You can now use + to represent a blank letter, very useful for Scrabble! Thanks to Warwick Tudepole for the feedback.

Thank also to Arvind Persaud for suggesting to use a dictionary app for offline use. Press the magnifying glass icon to the right of a word to look up the word in the free Livio dictionary app. You can still press and hold for web definitions.

Wildcard letters are now highlighted, you can select the color in the settings menu.

A new settings menu allows you to choose the standard or pro word list, the text size of the results and the highlight color.

Take a look a the app on the Play Store

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Anagram Solver v1.07

Release Date 3rd August 2016

Anagram Solver has been completely revamped with a new Material Design user interface. The tips are now displayed as separate cards and you can press the show me button to save you typing.

Results now appear much more clearly using a mono-spaced font

Looking up a word's definition is easier, you can press the spyglass icon to the right of the word. You can now install an dictionary app to look up words whilst offline:

Press GET APP to install the free Dictionary app from the Google Play Store. Anagram Solver will try to look for the word's definition using the dictionary app, if the app is not installed it will do a web search. You can still press and hold a word for web-search only.

Sub-anagram searches now go all the way to 1 letter, that is if you don't first hit the 500 results limit.

A new version of Anagram Solver Pro will also soon be available with the new features above.

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Anagram Solver v1.06.00

The latest version of Anagram Solver for Android has been released with many new features and updates.

The user interface has been given an overhaul. The tips are now shown in the main screen where the results are also shown. The help screen, accessed by a side swipe has been removed, you now vertically scroll through the tips.

The keyboard now displays over the user interface, ads are less obtrusive and are hidden behind the keyboard. The keyboard is more compact and uses the email configuration that has an @ key which is now used as the wildcard symbol.

The app now supports rotation, even when searching. So it is now possible to type in landscape using a bigger keyboard and then view the results in portrait

Google Analytics has been scaled back, the app now only tracks (anonymously) when the app is first started. This shows me a daily estimate of new and active users . Previously I used to track button presses and search types (again anonymously) but all the data told me was that most folk only performed anagram searches. Based on this usage data, I have removed the Supergram search features as nobody used them, however they are still available in the Pro version.

The about screen has been improved by detailing the benefits of the Pro version and an extra button for users to send feedback to me via email. Also the final tip shows options for you to help out, by sending me feedback, telling a friend about the app or going to Google Play to rate the app.

Under the bonnet the code also has had a major overhaul, the anagram search function is now much faster and will try to drill down to find 4 letters words, so long as the 500 word limit isn't met.

The app is available now for Android and the iPhone, click the link to go to the Anagram Solver web page with links for iOS and Android.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Anagram Solver iOS

Anagram Solver is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, its is free to download on the App Store.

Solve Anagrams


Countdown Conundrum

Funny Names
   Manchester United = MECHANISED NUTTER
   Try your own name!

   A shady solar event(7)
   Enter dots for the missing letters:  .C..P..

Enter SUPER@ to find supercalifragilisticexpialidocius

The app is also useful for creating you own anagrams, deciphering bad handwriting and quickly looking up word definitions.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Anagram Solver iOS

Today is the big unveiling of the latest cool must have Apple product, Anagram Solver iOS! That's right, oh and there might also be some watch thingy-me-jig.

 The familiar tip box has been designed to use the iPhone's page controller which allows you to easily swipe through the tips

 The results appear on a different view, a navigation bar is used to handle the apps screen navigation. I've followed the latest Apple user interface guidelines and kept the UI to a minimum.

To look up a word's meaning you press the detail icon on the right of the word.

The app uses the iOS webview control to display Google search for the word definition,

On the iPhone you use @ instead of # for a wildcard, the iPhone keyboard has the @ button on the main QWERTY layout which is handy.

The app is currently in the review stage and will be released ASAP.

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