Friday, 28 December 2012

The Hobbit

Due to the poor press reviews for the Hobbit I've decided to post my own review and besides 'tis Christmas. Peter Jackson's latest film the Hobbit in my opinion a most excellent and worthy addition to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

First of all the 2 hours and 50 mins were packed with action, plot and comedy, even though only one third of the book was covered. Saruman, the head wizard, makes an electric appearance and it is clear he has a dark malevolence about him which gives a new dimension and deeper scope to the plot. Driving the plot forward is an evil battle-scarred Orc who is chasing down the Dwarves with a pack of vicious Wargs.

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The special effects are breath taking, I saw the 3D high frame rate version and was dazzled with the visuals. The 3-D effects were as amazing as the first time I entered a Cinema 180 back in the 1980's. Plenty of objects flying in your face but tempered with the gorgeous New Zealand mountain scenery. The fight scenes are well executed with goblins and foes dispatched messily and quickly. I Look forward to the director's cert 18 cut!

There are plenty of jokes to keep you amused, I particularly liked when the dwarves piled into Bilbo's house and scraped their muddy boots on the fine furniture and then ate all his food. The scene with the trolls, based on London cockney taxi drivers was laugh out loud especially if know some of the vernacular.

The book chapters are closely followed such as Riddles in the Dark where Gollum and Bilbo try to outwit one another by posing riddles is an edge of seat tense experience. There is a nice touch when we first see the ring as it falls from Gollum's knickers. Andy Serkis reprises his role as Gollum and gives another fine performance, you can see why Bilbo stayed his hand as pity sank in.

There is a new main character, Radaghast the Brown (the Bird Tamer) as mentioned briefly in the LOTR, it would seem that him, Saruman  and a mysterious necromancer will be providing the extra plot and intrigue for the other two films of the trilogy. Maybe also Shelob, the spider.

Bilbo is played by Martin Freeman from the BBC comedy show the Office, and he pulls all of the same faces which suits the bewildered Bilbo Baggins of Bagend. I doubted this actor when I first heard but after watching I cannot imagine anyone else, even Ian Holm, nasty Bagginsesy!

To go back to my original point never trust the so called 'critics'. In fact always do the opposite of what they recommend as I bought the WestWing and New Battlestar Galactica box set based on excellent critics reviews, the horror the horror.

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Oh Gandalf is in it too, smoking some fine weed!

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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