Monday, 3 December 2012

CleverDic Release 1.09

CleverDic on Google Market

The latest version of CleverDic has been released, the versatile crossword and anagram solver for Android.

Hints and Tips

The biggest change has been to the user interface, a hints and tips box is now displayed on start up. I'm hoping this will improve the retention rate of the app, currently its 54% (Active installs divided by Total User installs). The early versions of CleverDic did show examples how to use the app, but were dropped when I changed the UI to use a list.

To implement the new hints and tips box I rewrote the UI to use fragments. Fragments allow you to break the UI into modules (or fragments!). When the user searches for a clue, the hints and tips box fragments is replaced by a list showing the results. I've spent a week testing the changes before releasing since I considered this to be a major change to the app. With fragments up and running it will be easier to add other features to the main screen.

App Rate Prompt

To help increase the number of ratings for CleverDic (currently standing at 6) I've included AppRate by TimotheeJeannin.

After at least 7 days and 10 uses a dialog box will pop up and ask the user to rate the app. The user can choose to rate, rate later or not to rate the app. Lots of good ratings are essential for a decent ranking in the App Store and persuading users to try the app over the many competitors.

Facebook and Twitter

I've put the facebook, twitter and blogger icons back on the about screen. I need to provide ways to allow users to partake in discussions, send feedback and share CleverDic with their friends. If nothing else, the icons look cool.

Name Change

CleverDic is now called CleverDic Crossword Solver. When searching for crossword solver apps, CleverDic ranked 28th, with the new name it now ranks 8th. I have being doing a little research on App Store  Optimization and this guy has great advice:

Happy Crosswording

CleverDic on Google Market

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