Thursday, 22 November 2012

CleverDic Release 1.08

The main addition to the code for this release is a settings screen which allows the user to configure the search settings. The maximum number of results displayed from a crossword style query can now be set to 50, 100 or 200. The user can now check box to show sub-anagrams or not. There are only two settings so far but as time goes on I'll be adding more settings so the user can better configure the app.

The other major change, I have removed all of the social media icons from the about screen. Instead there is just one button to rate the app. Clicking on the button opens up CleverDic on the Google market place. As yet this is the only way to submit a rating is through the market place.

I decided to stop promoting my Facebook and Twitter pages within CleverDic, as I am not convinced they generate any traffic for the app. The hope was that people would 'like' the PigDogBay Facebook page and so their friends would see the page. Maybe its just early days yet, but I'm going to focus on writing code for now.

One feature that didn't make it in this release is an AppRate prompt. After a certain amount of time and uses, a dialog is displayed asking the user to rate the app. There was a problem in that the market place only displayed for a few seconds and then disappeared. This feature will be added when I have ironed out the problem and it has had a bit more testing under its belt.

For the next release I'll be adding a hints and tips box. I've been trying out the Android Fragments API and support packages. Fragments are like custom controls and  you can swap them in and out. Hopefully using fragments I'll be able to make better use of the screen space for tablet devices.

Never a crossword!

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