Thursday, 1 November 2012

RoboQuipper 1.00

Download RoboQuipper from Google Market

RoboQuipper took just 2 hours to create. Half of that time was spent drawing the RoboCop face, which I drew using Inkscape. As you can see the face is just a few shapes with a gradient fill. Most of the android boiler plate  I just cut and pasted from CleverDic ('ll eventually get round to writing shared libraries and controls at some point).

RoboQuipper originally started as an Easter Egg in a piece of scientific software I wrote. In that version an image of the RoboCop ZX Spectrum loading screen is displayed. When the user clicks on the image a random quote from the film pops up.

There is this nagging horrible feeling at the back of my mind  that this app will be lawyer bait, anyone know if this infringes any copyrights?

I'd Buy that for a dollar!
Pig Dog Bay


Download RoboQuipper from Google Market

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