Thursday, 15 November 2012

CleverDic 1.07 Released

CleverDic on Google Market

The latest version of CleverDic, the crossword solver app, has been released. Two changes have been made that increase the apps usefulness and ease of use.

The first change is a new feature that shows you the missing letter for the sub-anagrams in the list. The above screenshot shows the various 6 letter anagrams of the word hearts first then the sub-anagrams. There are over 20 five letter anagrams that can be made from the various letters in hearts. The word earth can be made from hearts and is now shown in the list as 'earth (s)', the letter s being unused.

The second change is an improvement to the Clear option in the menu (or action bar for later Android versions). When you press clear now the keyboard is displayed which saves you from having to touch the edit box to enter  your anagram.

Happy Crosswording!


CleverDic on Google Market

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