Wednesday, 31 October 2012

CleverDic 1.06 Released

CleverDic on Google Market

The latest version of CleverDic, the crossword solver app, has been released. The user interface has been revamped to give a smarter and cleaner appearance. The background now has a sky blue gradient and there is a status bar that indicates the number of matches or if the app is busy searching. The keyboard automatically disappears after you press search or enter.

The text field on the main screen has now been replace with a list. This meant I had to provide help and information in other ways. I've created a help screen and one time only  welcome dialog that shows a simple help message.

You can now look up the word definitions by touching the words. This works by opening up the web browser and performing a special search through Google. For example, to look up the word android, the app will now browse to this URL:

To help gather user feedback and to promote other apps, I've added an about screen. The screen shows icons for Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Google Android Market.

Other refinements include switching off the auto-rotate feature, this was just annoying, the app remains in portrait mode now.

For the next release I'm considering adding a settings screen to allow the user to select the background colour, the maximum number of  words shown and turn on/off the sub-anagrams feature.

Happy Crosswording!


CleverDic on Google Market


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to see regular inprovements! Great App.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I've just returned from a holiday and have thought of a few more improvements. First is to pop up the keyboard when Clear is pressed/selected and second to show the unused letter for sub anagrams. I'll get the changes made by the weekend.