Thursday, 13 December 2012

CleverDic Release 1.10

CleverDic on Google Market

The latest version of CleverDic has been released, the most versatile crossword solver and anagram finder for Android. Fantastic new features have been added such as  two-word anagram searches.

Two Word Anagrams

Better to explain this great new feature with an example:
Type in manchester united

CleverDic will find the following two word anagrams:

mechanised nutter
inducement haters
enchanters tedium
+20 other results

The order of the letters is unimportant, it is the position of the space that matters. So for
manchester united, the space splits the letters into a 10 letter word and a 6 letter word.
For george bush, the space splits the letters into 6 and 4 letter words. CleverDic will then use all the letters in georgebush to find all the possible 6-4 letter word combos.

If you do cryptic crosswords like me, two word anagrams are quite common so this feature is an essential aid in the crossword toolbox.

By the way george bush returns:

gouges herb
bugger hoes

Apologies for any offence.


It can be quite difficult sometimes to enter say 9 missing letters as you have to type 9 dots, ......... , which can be a strain on the eyes. I've made entering missing letters much simpler by using a number 1-9 to represent a group of missing letters. For example enter z9 to find all the 10 letter words starting with z, some of the examples found:


Clearer Bigger Display

The text field where you enter the letters and the search button are now bigger, some people were telling me that it was not obvious where to enter the text. The background now uses a much lighter shade of sky blue which has improved the appearance of the app in general.

Finally, I've replaced the Android icon from the about screen with an email icon, so that people can easily contact me.

Hope you like the new two word anagram feature.

Happy Crosswording

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