Thursday, 29 January 2015

Swift Cheat Sheet

There's a new app out for you budding iOS developers, Swift Cheat Sheets, a quick reference guide to Apple's new swanky programming language. There are 15 sections covering topics such as optionals, functions and classes. Each section gets down to brass tacks and shows you example code without pages of waffle.

The app is available from Google Play, click the badge below to take a look:

Android app on Google Play

The idea for this App came about because I have been learning how to write iOS apps, so I can port my most popular Android apps to the iPhone. Swift is a great language but I find that I keep forgetting the syntax, especially for functions. So I made lots of notes from example code snippets. 

Once I finished my Swift book and made my notes, I considered writing blog posts, however there were quite a lot of notes, so I made an app!

The app is aimed at seasoned developers who understand most programming concepts such as OOP and functional programming. There is little or no explanation for the concepts in the app, just source code! If you need an explanation, Apple provide a good guide.

No doubt as I start writing iOS apps, I'll be adding to the Swift Cheat Sheet app.

Happy Coding

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