Friday, 16 January 2015

CleverDic v1.21 and Pro

There are two versions of CleverDic Crossword Solver this time round, CleverDic 1.21.01 and CleverDic Pro 1.00.00. The pro version of the app is ad free so you can enjoy the app without intrusive ads for the very reasonable price of £1.99! The price is even more reasonable if you live in the States $1.99 or Australia 1.99 AU

Look No Ads!

The main change to the free version of CleverDic is that there are several links to the Pro version on the Google Play Store. There is a link on the menu, on the about form and a reminder every 50 queries.

Both apps are compiled against the latest Android SDK, API 21 (Lollipop). I've updated various copyright notices with the year 2015.

Happy Crosswording for 2015

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