Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weight Tracker v1.11.02

The latest version of Weight Tracker has been released, the essential dieting app for Android. The main focus for this release has been to make the app even more user friendly.

New Settings Screen

All new settings screen that allow you to easily enter you target weight and height. The measurement units are now linked with the weight/height setting.

New Quick Help

The help page has been improved and there is now a quick help guide to get you up to speed fast.

Name Change

Weight Recorder is now called Weight Tracker which is a much more common search term for such an app. Downloads have doubled since the name change.

Shop Closed!

Access to the Shop has been disabled, previous purchases will still be honoured, so Remove Ads will still work.

The main reason for closing the shop is that Google do not handle the VAT/Tax for each purchase, its up to me. Since there are over 200 Countries and 50 US States, that is a lot of paperwork!

Thanks to people who have made purchases, a lot of programming and testing went into the shop so your purchases were much appreciated.


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