Monday, 18 November 2013

CleverDic Crossword Solver v1.15.02

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The latest version of CleverDic has been released on Google Play. CleverDic is the essential Android App for anybody who loves crosswords and other word games.


The standard word list has 130,000 words, you can expand this to over 285,000 words via the settings menu.

The expanded word list has more obscure words which is ideal for the trickier broadsheet crosswords.

Shop Closed!

Access to the Shop has been disabled, previous purchases will still be honoured, so Remove Ads will still work.

The main reason for closing the shop is that Google do not handle the VAT/Tax for each purchase, its up to me. Since there are over 200 Countries and 50 US States, that is a lot of paperwork!

Thanks to people who have made purchases, a lot of programming and testing went into the shop so your purchases were much appreciated.


Since the Shop has closed access to the larger dictionary and background colour settings is now FREE of charge!

Happy Crosswording!
Pig Dog Bay

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