Monday, 11 February 2013

CleverDic Release 1.11

CleverDic on Google Market

The latest version of CleverDic has been released, the most versatile crossword solver and anagram finder for Android. Lots of new features have been added:

  • New setting to allow auto-rotation within the app.
  • Tip box now displays in landscape format for normal and small screens
  • Admob now appears behind the keyboard.
  • Removed ads from small screens
  • Added icons for the menu items
  • Allow installs to the SD Card
  • Change the text size on the help screen

Many thanks to Paul Nithsdale who suggested most of these new features and whom was kind enough to test a beta version of the release.

Further Details

The biggest change has been to support Android's auto-rotation feature as before CleverDic was fixed in portrait mode. I've had to re-design the hints and tips box so that it can be displayed on smaller screens both in portrait and landscape modes. If you do not like this feature you can disable auto-rotation from the settings menu and CleverDic will stay in portrait mode as in previous versions.

Admob banners are now removed for small screen devices and no adverts are shown when in landscape mode (except for extra large screen devices). I've tried to prevent ad banners appearing when the soft keyboard is showing, however this does not work 100% of the time.

The text size for the help screen can be set to small, medium or large from the menu on the help screen. To help with devices where memory is scarce I now allow the app to be moved/installed onto memory cards.

Responses To Comments

Lynn Miller has asked if the sub-anagram feature can search deeper, currently when you enter a nine letter word, CleverDic will search for 9 and 8 letter words. It takes about half a second on average to perform a search, so it takes about 5 seconds for a complete 9 letter search with sub-anagrams. To also search for 7 letter words would take over 30 seconds. In order to implement this feature I will need to boost the search algorithm performance, so it may appear!

Darcy Moore has asked for a bigger dictionary, currently CleverDic uses an open source dictionary with 88,000 words. The competitor app uses a dictionary of over 230,000 words. I'm planning to release a paid for / pro version of the app that uses a larger dictionary and is ad free.

Hope you like the new features, please drop me an email with any feedback.

Happy Crosswording

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