Monday, 25 February 2013

CleverDic Crossword Solver 1.12

CleverDic on Google Market

Wildcard Searches

Fantastic new feature added in this release, Wildcard Searches! Use the hash symbol, #, to represent 1 or more unknown letters, for example:

Enter #ace to find

  • aerospace
  • face
  • hyperspace
  • peace
  • And over 80 other matches
Wildcards are a great new feature if you are a Scrabble or Wordfeud player, for example you may need to find a work that fits across other letters, x and t:

Enter #x.t# to find

  • affixation
  • bauxite
  • exotic
  • flexitime
  • laxation
  • quixotic
  • vexatious
  • And over 70 other matches
Look at your letters to see which word fits.

Improved Search

Search results are now sent immediately to the screen without waiting for the search to complete. By using clever programming techniques (multi-threading) you can look through your results as they are coming. Most searches still take less than a few seconds to complete.

Latest Android

Jelly Bean 4.2.2 has just been released along with the latest programming SDK (v17). CleverDic has been updated to the latest code and thoroughly tested on a Google Nexus 7 and Galaxy Ace.

Hope you like the new features, please drop me an email or leave a comment with any feedback.

Happy Crosswording
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