Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Anagram Solver Release Notes

Anagram Solver v4.14 and Anagram Solver Pro v2.08, February 2020

    New Features

    • Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Added a German word list of over 355k words.
    • Repeated Letters filter to only include words where some letters are the same
    • Keyboard layout setting to switch between standard or simple layout
    • Updated the main word list
    The German word list is experimental and I'd be grateful for any German speakers to try out the list and send me feedback. The word list was generated from the Aspell spell checker and I do the following processing:
    • Umlauts and the Eszett, äöüß are converted to ae, oe, ue, ss respectively.
    • Other accented letters are stripped of their accents
    • The base word list is only 84,000 words but some words can be conjugated, so the list is expanded to over 355,000 words
    German is a polysynthetic language where individual words can be combined, this means the number of possible words is extremely high, so even at 355k words, the word list is only scratching the surface. Hopefully the list will cover most of the individual words, but let me know if I am missing any words.

    Anagram Solver v4.12 and Anagram Solver Pro v2.07, October 2019

    New Features

    • Added a copy button on each result so that you can copy and paste words into other apps. I've also place a copy button on the application bar that will copy all results to the clip board.
    • New setting to show / hide the copy button
    • Added new word lists TWL (US/Thailand) and SOWPODS (World) for Scrabble players
    • New setting to allow you to select the word list
    • Added a new privacy section in the About screen (see menu - About & Privacy), it has links to the app's privacy policy where there is an explanation of how the app uses your data. There is a brief explanation of how the app delivers ads to you and you can select whether to view personalised ads or less relevant ads. Note that if you do not see different ads when you change the show relevant ads setting, it just means that you are not being shown tailored ads anyhow. There is also a link here to the ad free version of the app which you will have to purchase.
    • The keyboard layout has improved for all users (this will depend on your phone and keyboard app), less clutter, no emojis and no function bar. Numbers should now be shown as separate buttons. Let me know if I've broken anything and if you preferred the keyboard layout in the last release.
    • New setting that allows you to use ? for missing letters in crossword searches. To enter ? press space or .
    • For two-word anagrams you can now use a hyphen to split the words
    • Added new definition options: Google Define, Google Dictionary, Lexico, Chambers, Cambridge and Wiktionary.
    • Distinct filter that only includes words where all the letters are different
    • Created new adaptive icons for later versions of Android


    • Added over 30,000 new words to the main word list (SCOWL) and it now contains 313,465 words.
    • The Automatically show keyboard option will now show the keyboard every time you go back to the tips screen.
    • Moved the filter reset button to the top of the screen and improved the layout of the screen.
    • Filters are now only disabled when pressing clear or back. To reset filter settings, you need to go into the filters screen and press RESET.
    • Filter text input fields now use a mono-space font to make it easier to see the letters.
    • Removed the Go Pro nag box from the standard version of the app.
    • Removed copy all option from the result's pop-up menu. Copy all is now accessed from the application bar / main menu. I've also sorted (alphabetically) the the list of look-up options.
    • Upped the max results limit to 5000 words.

    Bug Fixes

    • Disabled right to left language support as the app is English only and didn't display correctly for locales such as Arabic.
    • If you enter decimal numbers in the filter's number picker fields, the values are now rounded to the nearest integer.
    • Removed unnecessary nested UI layouts, so the display code is now more efficient
    • Inspected all the code, fixed many compiler warnings, converted some code to Kotlin from Java and refactored some code to be more efficient.
    • Reset now clears the Pro filters
    • Settings screen ripple effects now work on Android Pie
    • Automatically show the keyboard now works on Android Pie
    • Word pattern filter would crash if given bad input
    • Fixed two-word look ups, will now correctly format the URL for the specified website.

    Anagram Solver v4.11 and Anagram Solver Pro v2.06, May 2018

    280,000 Word List

    I've removed the standard word list of 130,000 words and created a new word list of 280,000 words based on the SCOWL word lists. So users of the free version of the app can now search the full list of words. For Pro users I have removed the Use Pro Word List setting as there is only one word list now.

    For the new word list, I've carefully removed abbreviations, hacker words, Roman numerals, profanity and offensive/taboo words. I've also replaced all two letter words with the approved TWL and CSW words. Accented letters have been simply converted to their base letter.

    The new word list now has a lot less non-words and over 1200 new words compared to the old Pro word list, including neologisms such as crowdfunding. Thanks to everyone who sent in word suggestions.

    Dictionary Definitions

    Added Word Game Dictionary, Collins, Oxford Living Dictionaries and Merriam Webster Thesaurus to the list of look up options for the Dictionary Definition setting. On the pop up menu, added Collins and Word Game Dictionary The word game dictionary is a quick way of checking if a word is allowed in Scrabble, how many points it is worth and its definition.

    On the pop up menu, I've added an option to copy all the words to the clipboard as this was a oft requested feature.

    The google look up now uses the dictionary query instead of define. For instance looking up eyewash only returns ads for define whereas dictionary will show ads but also the dictionary definition

    User Guide

    On the iOS version of the app, I wrote an online user guide for the app which proved to be popular amongst users and so I wrote one for the Android version. You can access the online user guide via the menu or from the tips on the main screen. Click here to see the guide.


    The containing letters filters now works correctly if you enter the same letter multiple times, so if you entered ee, feed is allowed but not fed.

    There is a new contains word filter, which checks if a match contains the word you specified. Try it with moonstarer and enter room in the contains word filter, you will find anterooms, restroom, tearoom, rooms...

    For Pro users there are two new Pro Filters, Word Pattern and Regular Expression. Word Pattern is useful for Scrabble games where you can detail some of the letters on the board and Regular Expression is for advanced word searches. Please see the user guide for details.


    Three word anagrams are now supported, enter cli ntea stwood to find old west action. The spaces fix the size of the three words to be searched (3-4-6), even with this limitation the app will find 100's of combinations. The maximum query length has been increased from 30 to 42 letters to accommodate 3 large words.

    And finally as a oft requested feature (well complaint!) I have added a setting to show sub-anagrams. If you uncheck this option the app will not search for sub-anagrams only show you 'true anagrams'.

    Thanks for all the feedback and please keep it coming.

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