Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Anagram Solver Release Notes

Release notes for Anagram Solver v4.11 and Anagram Solver Pro v2.06.

280,000 Word List

I've removed the standard word list of 130,000 words and created a new word list of 280,000 words based on the SCOWL word lists. So users of the free version of the app can now search the full list of words. For Pro users I have removed the Use Pro Word List setting as there is only one word list now.

For the new word list, I've carefully removed abbreviations, hacker words, Roman numerals, profanity and offensive/taboo words. I've also replaced all two letter words with the approved TWL and CSW words. Accented letters have been simply converted to their base letter.

The new word list now has a lot less non-words and over 1200 new words compared to the old Pro word list, including neologisms such as crowdfunding. Thanks to everyone who sent in word suggestions.

Dictionary Definitions

Added Word Game Dictionary, Collins, Oxford Living Dictionaries and Merriam Webster Thesaurus to the list of look up options for the Dictionary Definition setting. On the pop up menu, added Collins and Word Game Dictionary The word game dictionary is a quick way of checking if a word is allowed in Scrabble, how many points it is worth and its definition.

On the pop up menu, I've added an option to copy all the words to the clipboard as this was a oft requested feature.

The google look up now uses the dictionary query instead of define. For instance looking up eyewash only returns ads for define whereas dictionary will show ads but also the dictionary definition

User Guide

On the iOS version of the app, I wrote an online user guide for the app which proved to be popular amongst users and so I wrote one for the Android version. You can access the online user guide via the menu or from the tips on the main screen. Click here to see the guide.


The containing letters filters now works correctly if you enter the same letter multiple times, so if you entered ee, feed is allowed but not fed.

There is a new contains word filter, which checks if a match contains the word you specified. Try it with moonstarer and enter room in the contains word filter, you will find anterooms, restroom, tearoom, rooms...

For Pro users there are two new Pro Filters, Word Pattern and Regular Expression. Word Pattern is useful for Scrabble games where you can detail some of the letters on the board and Regular Expression is for advanced word searches. Please see the user guide for details.


Three word anagrams are now supported, enter cli ntea stwood to find old west action. The spaces fix the size of the three words to be searched (3-4-6), even with this limitation the app will find 100's of combinations. The maximum query length has been increased from 30 to 42 letters to accommodate 3 large words.

And finally as a oft requested feature (well complaint!) I have added a setting to show sub-anagrams. If you uncheck this option the app will not search for sub-anagrams only show you 'true anagrams'.

Thanks for all the feedback and please keep it coming.

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