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Anagram Solver Guide

This is a guide for the Anagram Solver and Anagram Solver Pro apps for Android. 

Anagram Solver is a powerful word search engine with over 280,000 words, helping you to find anagrams, find better words in Scrabble, solve crosswords and much more.

The guide will explain how to use the app, make the best use of advanced features like filters and show you plenty of examples of how to use the app for many popular word puzzles / games, such as Scrabble, Crosswords, 4 Pics 1 Word, Word Cookie and Countdown.

For the iOS version of this guide, please visit the iOS Anagram Solver Guide.


Type in the letters you have, press Search to find all the possible words that can be made from those letters.
Enter the letters steam, to find: mates, meats, satem, tames, teams

For Countdown fans, guess these conundrums: ONEREDPIE, QUITESEXI and DOGGIRUNN
Try them in the app to see the answers.


Once all the anagrams have been found the app will then search for smaller words that use the same letters

Enter the word hearts to find: earth (s), share (t), rate (sh), she (art)
Note that the unused letters are shown after the word in brackets.

Anagrams and sub-anagrams are useful in many word games and are essential for apps like 4 Pics 1 Word and Word Cookie where you have many letters but need to make smaller words. See the Filters section below for filtering by word size.

Tip! You can turn off sub-anagrams from the settings menu

Blank Letters

Games such as Scrabble or Words With Friends have blank tiles, you can use to represent a blank tile.

Enter google++++ to find bootlegger, boondoggle, egyptology

In the screenshot above, the google letters are black and the 4 blank letters, ++++, are in red.

Tip! You can set the colour of the blank letters in the settings menu

Two Word Anagrams

Enter Manchester United to find mechanised nutter, inducement haters, untested chairmen

The space indicates to the app to look for two words that use all the letters. In the example above the app will first search for words of length 10 and 6 letters, and then search for other combinations of words that total 16 letters.

Three word anagrams are also supported, try cli ntea stwood to find old west action. The spaces in the query set the size of the 3 words to be searched, 3-4-6 in this example. In practice you will find that most 3 word searches will return 1000's of results and may take 10 seconds or more.

Tip! If you have a phone with a small screen, the results maybe clipped or not showing the last word. Tilt the phone into landscape mode to see results with long words.

Crosswords / Missing Letters

Enter c..v.r to find clever, clover, carver

The . (period / full stop / dot) represents a missing letter. In this example the app will compare the pattern c..v.r to all the 6 letter words in its list of over 280,000 words.

This type of search is also useful for bad handwriting! Not sure what letters have been scrawled, use a . and see what matches you get.


If you have many missing letters, you can use numbers to represent a group of dots

Enter z9 to find zookeepers, zombielike

z9 is equivalent to entering z.........

Suffix @ Prefix

Whereas a . represents a single letter, @ represents 1 or more letters

Enter @ace to find face, hyperspace, peace

You can also mix . and @ in your search,
Enter sup@x. to find supergalaxy
Here @ represents ergala and the . y


Find larger words that contain your anagram letters, use * to represent 1 or more extra letters (blank tiles)

Enter microsoft* to find discomforting, nonconformists, oversimplification

So here, all the letters in microsoft appear in these words and are shown in black in the screenshot above, the red letters are the extra letters represented by *


You can press the information icon on the right of a word to look up its definition on Google.  You can change from Google to Merriam-Webster, MW Thesaurus, Collins, Oxford Dictionaries or Wikipedia via the settings menu. For Scrabble fans I recommend the Word Game Dictionary lookup which checks if the word is allowed, its score and definition.

Anagram Solver works with the English Dictionary App from Livio, an offline dictionary. If you have the English Dictionary app installed, you can send words to the app for it to display their definition.

Instead of using the settings menu to change the default dictionary provider, you can long press a word to bring up a dialog of options:

The pop-up menu is quite large now, so if you scroll down the options there are also options for Copy and Copy All. Pressing copy will copy the word to the system clip board which you can paste back into the query field on the main screen. Copy All will paste all the words to the clip board so you can paste them into some other app.


Most searches will return 1000 results (5000 if you upgrade to Pro), too many to easily wade through. You can press the filter button (it floats above the results on the bottom right) and get to the filter screen as shown above. You can set up 1 or several filters, press search and the app will perform the search again but this time with the filters applied.

As an example lets say you are playing Scrabble with the letters zsltera in your tray and you want to attach them to a tile on the board, say m. So enter zslteram as your query:

Press the filter button, top right, I would like to use up my z tile and the word must start with m

Scroll down to the starting with filter to enter m:

 Press search to run the search with the filters you have set

The other filters, especially for word size are essential for word games such as 4 Pics 1 Word and Word Cookie.

Pro Filters

The Pro version of the app has two extra filters, Word Pattern and Regular Expression:

Word Pattern is very handy for Scrabble games as you can specify the pattern of existing letters on the board.
Use . to indicate any letter and @ to indicate 1 or more letters. 

So lets say on the board there is,a letter m, an unused square and z. Enter all of your tray letters (stlerai) and the letters on the board you would like to use (mz) in the main query, slteraimz

If you have unoccupied squares either side of the m and z letters, enter this for the word pattern .m.z. to get smaze. If you have plenty of space after the z, enter m.z@ to get maziest. 

If that makes sense, you maybe brave enough to try the regular expression filter (RegEx). RegEx is a very powerful matching tool used in computer string processing, don't panic I will give you a quick guide.

In the word pattern filter above, your pattern is converted into RegEx. So a . is converted in [a-z] meaning any letter a to z, @ is converted to [a-z]+ meaning 1 or more letters. Here are some more examples:

  • [aeiou] letter must be a vowel
  • [a-z]* any letter none or more times
  • [a-z]+ any letter one or more times
  • [a-z] any letter just once
For a simple crib sheet, please take a loot at 

Tip! Remember to lookup the word on the Word Game Dictionary to verify that it is allowed in Scrabble.


You can get to the settings screen by pressing the menu key (top right ) and then pressing Settings from the menu.

The settings shown above are
  • Dictionary Definition - choose which dictionary provide to use when you press the information icon next to a word
  • You can set the maximum number of results return to 100,500 or 1000. For Pro users you can return up to 5000 results.
  • You can set the font size of the results and even select a large mono-spaced font.
  • Letter highlighting, chose the colour of the letters in Blank and Supergram searches
  • Automatically Show keyboard, enable to cause the keyboard to appear when you go to the main screen
  • If the filter button is in the way, you can remove it here by unchecking Show Filter Button
  • (Not shown above) If you only want to see anagram and no sub-anagrams you can uncheck the Show-Sub-anagrams

Go Pro

The standard version of the app shows banner ads from Google Admob and contains analytics (Google's Firebase) to show you relevant ads. This means the app will eat your data and bandwidth (downloading ads), take up extra storage (standard - 12Mb, pro 6Mb) and you will have less screen space to view your results.

For a small price, less than a cup of coffee, you can download the Pro version of the app. The Pro version also has the following extra features:

  • 5000 results limit
  • Pro Filters: Word Pattern and Regular Expression

From the main home screen scroll down to the Go Pro tip and press FIND OUT MORE. You will be taken to the Pro version of the app on the Google Playstore.

Help Out

Thanks for using the app and if you have upgraded to Pro, thanks again.

If you can think of any other uses for the app, please enter them in the comments below. Reading comments in the app store and feedback from emails, users have found all sorts of uses for the app such as deciphering handwriting, learning English, writing poetry,  writing quizzes, creating puzzles and even helping with a hearing disability ( I think they enter part of the word they heard)

Tell your friends about the app, it's available for all Android and iOS devices. You can send me feedback via email from the main menu in the app.

I hope you will enjoy using the app for years to come, remember it's not cheating - just saving you a little time ;)

App Developer


  1. Is there any way to filter out proper nouns?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Not yet. In a future update, I may add a filter to remove proper nouns.

  2. CanI filter out words that are not in the Scrabble dictionary? The app is giving me unacceptable results.

    1. No filter but you can look up the word on the Word Game Dictionary to see if it is a valid Scrabble word:

      Press and hold a word, on the pop up menu press the Word Game Dictionary option.

  3. How 'bout?:
    1. 'Show First n Letters' filter for those trying to solve their own anagrams? Use placeholder for remaining letters.
    2. 'Persistent Filters' setting?
    3. 'Common Words Only' filter for those trying to find useful anagrams.


    1. Option 1, not sure what you mean
      option 2, is a very good idea.
      Option 3, I planning on letting users select/download their own wordlist.

      Thanks for the feedback.

    2. For many games, I just want a hint. If you had a filter:

      ¤ Show Starting Letters Only

      then I might see AN+++++, instead of ANAGRAM, allowing me to guess the word.

    3. ... and then push the 'next letter' button next to a word to show ANA++++, ANAG+++, etc. Now you have your own game!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.