Thursday, 15 December 2016

Codeword Solver v1.0

Codeword Solver is a new App for Android to help you with your Codeword puzzles. Codewords, also known as Codebreakers are puzzles like crosswords but without any clues, instead each square is given a number, 1 to 26, and you have to find the corresponding letter for each number. Some puzzles typically give you a few letters to get you going, but even so it can be hard to get started, this is where this app comes in!

Photographed from the Staffordshire Sentinel 15th December 2016, the
Okay, lets try to solve this Codeword, we begin by entering the known letters.

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Open the app and enter the known, letters T and I. Press and hold the 2 square on the keyboard, select T. Press and hold the 9 square and select I, like below

Lets try the longest word first, which has squares 9-7-11-14-20-2-9-14-21

Straightaway the app has found a unique single match from over 280,000 words! The app has found you the letters MPARL

Press the + to add the letters to the keyboard. Hold the backspace key to clear the query. You can look up word definitions by touching and holding a word:

Select from a list of web / app options to find the words meaning, below I chose the English Dictionary Offline app, which is free on Google Play:

You now have more than enough letters now to get started and crack the Codeword by yourself. The Codeword above was fairly easy since it contained a long word with several known letters.  I don't recommend it, but the app will make mince meat of the rest of the clues:

Other code words are more tricky and you will have lots of possible words to choose from. The app can help here by spotting any common letters:

Here the app has spotted that A and Z are common and so gives you the option to add these letters.
If you are getting 100 matches (the maximum) try other clues, also take a guess at one or a few of the letters. The app is there to help you with the puzzle and not solve it for you, as where is the fun in that?

Get it on Google Play

Crack those Codewords!

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