Tuesday, 2 September 2014

App Update

Appy Days! The Fonz keeps trim with Weight Tracker.
A quick update on how my apps are doing

CleverDic Crossword Solver

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A strong year for CleverDic with over 60,000 downloads and over 27,000 active users and still rising. You'll find CleverDic in the Top 100 Apps for Books and Reference and has a healthy 120 downloads per day. G'Day to Australia where the app is very popular.

Weight Tracker

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Downloads went through the roof after Christmas, with over 350 downloads per day. Total downloads now exceed 55,000. Downloads have slowed over the summer but have sharply picked back up again as people try to shed their summer holiday pounds!

Good news, I'm adding new features however I'll be bringing back ads which will help to support the app in the future.

Anagram Solver

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Anagram Solver is CleverDic's little brother where I can try out new features but is now actually beating CleverDic on daily downloads and is the #1 Anagram Solver app on Google Play.

Users like the clean and simple user interface. There are no other screens or menus, just a simple slide swipe panel so you can quickly access the help section.

Interestingly I notice that users rarely use the powerful search features, in fact they tend to only use the app for what it's name suggests. So Anagram Solver users mainly use the anagram search tool where as CleverDic they use the crossword tool!

Other apps

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Mortgage Calculator has quite recently taken off from 1 or no downloads per day, to over 20. This is quite surprising considering there must be 1000's of these type of apps but I do try to make my apps quick and easy to use, no nonsense, so I guess there is good demand for easy straight forward apps.

Stopwatch picks up the odd download each day, I never expected many downloads as I wrote this app to help me at work when I need a handy simple Stopwatch that I can see from across the room.

As The Fonz says, Heeeyyyyy!
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