Friday, 1 August 2014

CleverDic v1.19.01 - Supergrams!


The latest version of CleverDic has been released on Google Play. CleverDic is the essential Android App for anybody who loves crosswords and other word games.

Download CleverDic from Google Play

Supergrams! Not Super Gran! Although Super Gran would love this new feature.

Supergrams, allow you to find larger words that contain the letters you specify. For example, ClEAr and spACE are supergrams of the letters ACE. This is a very useful feature when you only know a few of the letters in a word. 

For fun find larger words that contain your or your friends' names, enter Kayleigh* to find breathtakingly and heartbreakingly! The asterisk * indicates a wildcard supergram and will find all larger words.

Cryptic crosswords sometimes have clues that provide you with a partial anagram or a few letters of the answer. In these cases you know the size of the word and the letters to try, here is an example from the Guardian:

5d Cable screwed Post Office over, which may humour some deluded people (7)

The answer is PLACEBO, PO (post office) and CABLE the partial anagram. If you spotted CABLE as a partial anagram as indicated by the word screwed, enter cable++ into CleverDic. This tells CleverDic to find all 7 letter words that contain the letters CABLE, the ++ pads the length of the word to 7.

Other Changes

The clear button now shows the tip box again, quite handy with all the powerful features that are available to you.

Future Updates

Debbie Kerr and others have asked they would like larger fonts, a great idea which I'm now investigating.

Happy Crosswording.

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