Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mortgage Calculator

My first ever app has been re-released, Mortgage Calculator. Faster-Easier-Better Looking!

  • New exciting background colours.
  • Fast data entry - no typing
  • Share details with other apps such as text messaging
As you can see the App now uses number pickers. These are the same intuitive custom controls as used on the successful Weight Tracker app.  This makes the data entry fast and free from typing. Notice too that the monthly repayment is instantaneously calculated.

A slightly embarrassing bug fix to mention tho, the mortgage formula I used previously was incorrect.  Amazingly the BBC Mortgage Calculator  I checked it against, gave the same answer as the faulty formula. The BBC mortgage calculator still hasn't been fixed yet!!!

One feature which I think will be very popular is the Share option. You can send the mortgage details as an SMS text message, an e-mail or to a social media app if you have any of these apps installed.

Download Mortgage Calculator from Google Play

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